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High Tower Hunts

Preserve’s High Tower are perfect for corporate events
Hunting to The Preserve Club & Residences

European Tower Hunt

Our NEW European tower stands the tallest in the Northeast region at 210’ above its lowest station. With 12 stations, 24 shooters, and enough guides and dogs to support all of the fun, The Preserve is the latest and greatest in driven tower hunts this country has ever seen.

We are located in Richmond,  Rhode Island (less than an hour from Bostong) and are ready to hunt from dawn to dusk, from the first week of October through the last week of March.

As avid hunters, we want to implement a European-style tower shoot to provide a unique outdoor activity for not only corporate entertaining but also for individual groups of hunters. Pheasant tower shoots are a relaxed and social alternative to traditional hunting.

“The shot presentation was unlike anything I had ever experienced, the bird soared higher than I had ever seen in America. This is type of European hunt everyone should experience. The great sounds of shotguns firing and friends applauding surrounded us, echoing over the high rough pitch of crackling roosters all around. For a moment it was quiet, we all took a breath and glanced over the wall to take it all in.”

Todd Corayer

The Double Gun Journal