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Field Trials

The Preserve is the best place to do field trials in Rhode Island

Hunting at The Preserve Club & Residences

For The Love off Dogs (and Pheasant Hunting)

Being host to numerous fields, ponds, and obstacle course settings, The Preserve is a great location to express all of you and your companions needs. Its said that sometimes hunting is isn’t about hunting at all. The Preserve’s many upland fields double in as the prefect settings to test both your dog’s physical and mental toughness. Relax in our tranquil settings with just you and your dog, working together on our private 1000 acres.

Field Trials offer different stakes to challenge dogs of different ages and levels of experience, as well as to accommodate both amateur and professional handlers. The various stakes have different judging criteria. The adult dogs will be judged on their stamina, ability to locate and point game, style on point, bold and attractive style of running, and manners on birds, among other things.